Archival Quality Storage Material

Archival Quality Storage Material

Protect your collection and your investment!

Now that you have purchased your collectable stock & bond certificates or other historic documents , your investment needs to be protected. Damage to your collectable paper documents from light, moisture, and contact with acidic medium can have a direct impact on their value. Proper care and storage of your collection is a must.

The Denver Stock Exchange recommends and encourages all paper documents be properly stored in archival safe, acid-free medium. We are pleased to offer the collector what we feel are the best, most economical products on the market for archival storage of your historic document collection.

ITOYA ProFolio Storage/Display Book

The Denver Stock Exchange is pleased to provide a selection of archival quality ITOYA Storage and Display Books for your collectable stock & bond certificates, checks & letterheads, or other historic documents.

The only storage/display book of its kind! Accept no imitations! Completely acid-free through its polypropylene, PVC-free construction and quality crafted, black acid-free mounting paper provided in each page. Archival safe for all your collectable document storage and display needs.

We use various sizes of the ITOYA Profolio books for our own collections!

  • 100% acid-free and archival safe
  • Durable polypropylene cover
  • Clear, top-loading polypropylene pocket pages
  • A reversible spine insert; which allows for customized titling and organization
  • Thick gauge, acid-free black mounting paper
  • 24 sleeves for 48 views