Books, Maps & Phtographs Catalogue

Books, Maps & Phtographs Catalogue

A listing of books, maps and photographs, many Colorado related.

The history of Colorado is told in many ways; financial documents, maps, books, view books, brochures, professional publications, etc. We believe that the books, maps and other various publications that abound from Colorado are an important link between the stock certificates, checks and ephemera that we collect and the history they represent. After all, they tell the story and reference many of the items we collect, giving them just that much more importance and value. If you have not collected books, maps and other written publications in the past, it may be something to consider. A thorough reference library pertaining to your area of collecting interest will increase the value of your overall collection, both historically and monetarily!

The Lives of James John Hagerman

  • Builder of the Colorado Midland
  • by John J. Lipsey
  • Published by Golden Bell Press, Denver, Colorado; 1968. Hardbound. Book and dust jacket in fine condition.
  • The story of J. J. Hagerman and the building of the Colorado Midland Railroad. Filled with B&W images of the workers, buildings, towns, and along the rail line.

Phenix Rising

  • The Historic Buildings of Cripple Creek, Colorado
  • 60-minute color DVD
  • A wonderful DVD with images from around the Cripple Creek District and the fascinating stories behind them. An interesting look into Cripple Creek’s historic past.
  • “The land of Fortune, is the way the promoters of Cripple Creek described the bountiful district in 1892. Churches, schools, telegraph offices, banks, a post office and newspapers, were being rapidly built to accommodate thousands of people flooding into the district. However the great fires of 1896 nearly ended this progress. But from these ashes the city rose like the mythical Phenix to become one of the wealthiest and classiest cities to tame the west.”
  • Produced by the City of Cripple Creek, in association with Encore Video Productions.

The Official Manual – Cripple Creek District

  • Published by Fred Hills – 1900
  • The Official Manual of the Cripple Creek District Colorado, U.S.A.
  • Published by Fred Hills, E.M. Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • This publication is by far the most well-known and highly sought-after resource manual for the mining companies of the Cripple Creek Gold Mining District. This book contains 495 pages of valuable information about the Cripple Creek District including 15 pages describing the history and geology of the District written by Colorado State Geologist T.A. Rickard. All companies covered in the book are indexed and each entry includes a detailed description of the company including its Directors, Capitalization, Property, Development, and Production as well as a small plat map of its properties. This particular book is a rare find as it includes the color plat map of the District!

Gold Fields of Cripple Creek

  • Woods Investment Company – 1901
  • Published for the Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York
  • This publication is full of descriptions and wonderful illustrations of the properties owned by the Woods Investment Company throughout the Cripple Creek District. Click on the images above for additional information and a sampling of the interior pages.
  • Booklet is in Fine Condition

The Fortunes of a Decade

  • Early Days in the Greatest Gold Camp, True Tales of Bonanza Kings, The Strike of ’94, Nature’s Treasure Houses, The City of Millionaires.
  • Reprint of the original 1900 book. Published by Old Times Publishers Co., Colorado Springs, CO; 1979. Paperback.
  • A great reading and reference copy of the original work! Book is in VG condition with title page slightly wrinkled at bottom plus small tear. Cover has lower-right corner torn off (see scan) plus some moisture. Remainder of book is in fine condition.

Panoramic Photo – Camp Perry, Ohio

  • August 24, 1907
  • Photo by G.A. Bash, Canton, Ohio
  • Wonderful original panoramic photo taken at the newly built Camp Perry, Ohio just days after the “first shot” was fired on Aug. 19, 1907. Created by the Ohio National Guard as a training grounds, it is still in use today and is the world’s largest outdoor rifle range. The camp was used in World War I by the United States Army to train officers and marksmen. This photo is a great piece of American Military history!
  • Image is mounted on original stiff board which measures approximately 26″ x 7 1/2″. The image itself measures approximately 23 3/4″ x 4″. Board has small holes in the 4 corners as well as top and bottom center where it obviously was hung up at some point. The image is too large for my scanner, so I had to stitch 3 scans together, which created a slight “bump” in the top of the scanned image just left of center. This is NOT on the original photo. Condition of the photo is overall Fine. Image is quite clear where items within the tents can be seen clearly with a magnifying glass. A train can also be seen in the background of the photo.