Colorado’s very existence may arguably be a result of the railroads. While Denver fought for years to obtain a rail line to serve its businesses and citizens, the railroad companies found the Colorado Rockies far too difficult an obstacle initially and opted to build their lines north and south of Colorado through more gentle terrain. This all changed once Colorado’s rich gold and silver districts grew and developed The rail companies had no choice but to build into and through the Colorado Rockies. The railroad legacy can be seen today throughout Colorado in abandoned railroad beds, tunnels through the Continental Divide and routes over numerousRead More →

Nothing says “Colorado” quite like this diverse, but closely related group of stock certificates. Next to mining, Colorado is possibly second-best known for its Cattle Ranching, Water-Rights issues, and Land booms & busts. Land was important for a multitude of reasons including farming, ranching, logging, town sites, etc. The water than ran across and through the land became the subject of remarkable legal battles and resulted in physically shaping the landscape across Colorado in the form of irrigation ditches, reservoirs, and tunnels bored directly through the Rockies to move water from one side of the Divide to the other. Water was important to the cattle,Read More →

Colorado was a leader in the Western telephone industry, with the first telephone company, Denver Telephone Dispatch Company, opening for business in 1879. This Denver telephone exchange was only the seventeenth such phone exchange to establish itself in the country. This company was short-lived as its founder and other businessmen created the Colorado Telephone Company in 1881, while dissolving the old Denver Telephone Dispatch Company. Other exchanges in the state were not far behind, including H.A.W. Tabors’ Leadville Telephone Company, which was purchased by the Colorado Telephone Company in 1888. By 1913, Colorado had 34 Telephone companies paying their taxes to the state. Colorado hasRead More →

Colorado has a deep history in mining with countless towns springing up virtually overnight to support the local mines and miners. Other towns sprung up because of one of the many railroads that crossed the state. Whatever the reason for their existence, banks soon took their place in the burgeoning communities. With the banks came checks and drafts as a means of completing financial transactions. Checks and drafts give the collector a unique opportunity to look into the daily lives of every-day men and women as well as evidence of the financial transactions of some of the states most famous personalities. The following pages areRead More →