The town of Silver Dale is located in Chaffee County on Clear Creek. From all accounts, the town was short lived and there is little left of it today. The certificate above represents a rare certificate find of a company that had its hand in the mines as well as owning the land on which the town was platted. There are only approximately 6 of this certificate known to exist in collectors hands. More about the Silver Dale Mining, Milling and Improvement Company…. An excerpt from Portals into the Past taken from the Chaffee County Times of Sept. 23, 1881 describing the town and miningRead More →

In the early 1960s, one of Denver’s most celebrated homes sat empty, dark, vandalized and strewn with trash and dead birds. This was the former home of John Campion, mining tycoon and empire builder who was known and revered throughout the state. Born in Canada in 1848, he soon moved with his parents and siblings to California where his father had found work. He was sent back to school at his birthplace, along with his brother, to continue his education. The boys, however, had other ideas, and ran away from school to enlist in the navy. John was accepted, while his brother was rejected andRead More →

Between the Sangre de Cristo Range and the Wet Mountains of Colorado there is a mining district filled with geologic wonders and anomalies. It is called Hardscrabble, and is located at the base of the Sierra Mojada (Wet Mountains) of Custer County. It is bordered on the west by towering peaks, on the east by conical hills; drenched in the summer by deluging rains; and, inundated in the winter by deep, high plains snows. The Hardscrabble District, if anything, is the “wilds of the far west,” a beautiful, majestic, entrancing place with a mining history that is a monument to western lore, as well asRead More →

– The Business Side of Mining – By: Shawn Larson, Denver Stock Exchange The history of mining in Colorado has proven to be one filled with complications due to scarce surface ore, deep-running ore veins, high water tables, harsh weather conditions, treacherous geography, and ores tied up in country rock requiring new and expensive refining techniques and technologies to extract. This all adds up to an expensive proposition to make a mine produce at profitable levels. The average prospector was not able to take on this endeavor alone; he needed capital. Without vast sums of capital, mining in Colorado would have never gotten off theRead More →