The Great Depression era in the United States changed many aspects of American life, including the finance and investment industry. We have separated our collectable certificates into 2 categories with 1930 being the separating point. With the depression and the stock market crash, came a new era in business, investing, and the stock markets themselves. The financial industry was regulated prior to 1930 and the stock market crash, but only moderately so and with little regard for fraud, risk, and wild speculation. It was quite easy for a company to “go public” and begin selling their shares to would-be investors. Fortunate for those of usRead More →

Whether it be on Wall Street, Broad Street, or Main Street the business of trading stock has been transacted in many places over the last 200-plus years in the United States. These stock certificates are sometimes historically significant and in many cases are works of art. Scripophily (the collecting of stock and bond certificates) has become one of the fastest growing and most interestingly diverse forms of collecting….and its popularity is felt worldwide! What many collectors do not realize is that the paper stock certificate is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In its place stock ownership will be strictly “book entry” . InRead More →

This catalogue features a selection of documents with signatures of prominent figures in U.S. and Colorado history. Documents possessing signatures of historic personalities are generally rare, and all signatures are guaranteed to be authentic and original. Rocky Mountain National Bank Central City, Colorado Territory Signed: Henry M. Teller. Check dated at Central City, Colorado (Territory), 1866. Printer: B. F. Corlies & Macy, NY Henry Moore Teller moved to Colorado Territory in 1861 where he took up residence in Central City to begin practicing law in the new mining frontier. He quickly gained prominence in the community and the young Territory, being appointed Major General ofRead More →