Coal Mining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Coal Mining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Coal Mining has a very long and fascinating history in America. Without easy access to large quantities of coal the lifeblood of the the country, the railroad, would not have been able to exist and function as it did. Throughout the U.S., the railroads relied on inexpensive and plentiful coal to power its locomotives. Even more important was the access to coal evident in the Western States where there were long distances between commercial centers. Coal became in important resources that was oftentimes mines in the same regions as the rich mines, which relied a great deal on the railroads to transport their ore to the mills. Coal is an often forgotten field of collecting, but an important part of the history of U.S. Industrialism.

Axial Basin Development Company

  • Axial Basin, Routt County, Colorado
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1921.
  • This company had coal mining operations in the Axial Basin of Routt County west of Steamboat. This area was and is a rich coal mining region with extensive coal reserves still in existence today which are actively mined.
  • Certificate is in VG+ condition ; with some staining and very minor chip on bottom edge.

Bison Ice and Coal Co., Inc.

  • Buffalo, New York
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1926.
  • Issued at Buffalo, New York. Unique company name! This company likely sold coal, rather than mining it.
  • Certificate is in VG+ condition; with very small edge tears along top edge of certificate.

Colorado Fuel and Iron Company

  • Pueblo, Colorado – Coal Mining
  • Issued / Cancelled. Issued at New York, Incorporated in Colorado.
  • This company, better known locally as CF&I, was formed by the merging of Colorado Coal & Iron Company and Colorado Fuel Company in 1892. CF&I was one of the 3 major coal mining companies in Colorado. The company operated mines throughout the state; Fremont County, Gunnison County (Crested Butte), Huerfano County, Las Animas County and others. CF&I owned a number of “company towns” that served the coal mines owned by the company; Sunlight, Spring Gulch and others throughout the sate. CF&I, over the years, also was a major manufacturer of steel rails, iron, spikes, nuts, nails, cast iron pipe, and copper wire.
  • CF&I was part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1901 to 1912.
  • Certificates are in near fine condition.

Glen Carbon Coal Company

  • Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania
  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1865.
  • R48c Power of Attorney Revenue Stamp. Printer: Moss & Co.
  • A fantastic early Pennsylvania coal mining certificate with a beautiful coal train vignette.
  • Certificate is in F condition