Colorado Non-Mining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Colorado Non-Mining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Colorado was more than just a state dotted with mines. Alongside those mines sprung towns and mining camps. Often times those individuals that got rich off the latest strike were not the miners, but the merchants, store owners, banks, and manufacturers of the goods used every day by the miners in their trade or just daily living. Individuals and companies were quick to take advantage of the opportunity to profit from the needs of the miners and their families. From the mining camps grew larger population centers with a myriad of businesses that required capital to succeed. It seemed as though anyone could float the issuance of stock on the market and investors would be there willing to invest! This created a wealth of unique and unusual companies whose stock certificates have survived and provide the collector an opportunity to possess a piece of Colorado business history!

Brookside Water Company

  • Colorado Springs
  • Issued / Cancelled, 1921. Issued at Colorado Springs, Colo. Formerly was Brookside Water and Improvement Company, and the “Improvement” portion of the company name has been lined out due to a change in the name of the company.
  • Certificate is in F condition.

Central Colorado Power Company

  • Boulder
  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1909.
  • The Central Colorado Power Company was organized in 1906 to build hydroelectric power facilities. In 1909 the founder diverted the Colorado River to power his companies Shoshone hydroelectric plant. They also built both the Kossler and Barker hydroelectric dams and reservoirs in Boulder Canyon to provide electricity to Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding mining camps. In 1913 Central Colorado Power was reorganized into the Colorado Power Company. By 1924, the Colorado Power Company had merged with the Public Service Company of Colorado. Historic Colorado water and power company!
  • Fantastic vignette of a river and hydroelectric motor. Certificate is in VF condition

Colorado Telephone Company

  • Colorado
  • Issued / Cancelled, dated 1893. Issued at Denver, Colorado.
  • In 1878, F. O. Vaille, E. O. Wolcott, and Henry R. Wolcott introduced telephone service to Denver, Colorado. In 1881, Vaille and his Wolcott associates organized the Colorado Telephone Company and sold all property, rights, and franchises they held in Colorado to the company. By 1888, the Colorado Telephone Company controlled all telephone interests and service in the state. on August 1, 1911, the Colorado Telephone Company merged into the Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company. The Rocky Mountain Bell Telephone Company, along with the Tri-State Telephone & Telegraph Company were also merged together into the Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company.
  • Certificate signed by Henry R. Wolcott as president.
  • This certificates represents the 4th capitalization of stock for the Colorado Telephone Company.
  • Certificate is in F condition. Certificate vignette displays a Western Electric Co. vanity cabinet desk phone.
  • This certificate is also listed in our Telephone & Telegraph Certificate Catalogue.

Crews-Beggs Trading Company

  • Leadville
  • Issued / Cancelled, 1902. Issued at Leadville, Colo. Attractive trading company certificate from Leadville! Certificate is in F condition. with a small tape scab on upper-left corner.

Denver Union Water Company

  • Denver
  • Issued / Cancelled, 1919. Issued at Denver, Colorado.
  • Signed by Walter S. Cheesman
  • Cheesman was the president of the Denver Union Water Company and built the Cheesman Dam, creating Cheesman Reservoir. Completed in 1905, the Cheesman dam was an engineering marvel of its time. It was the first major gravity-arch masonry dam built in the world as well as being the highest dam in the world. Cheesman was Denver’s first of many future mountain water system reservoirs.
  • Certificate is in F condition.

Great Western Sugar Company

  • Issued / Cancelled, 1927.
  • The Great Western Sugar Company was incorporated in New Jersey, but its operations were a consolidation of sugar plants in the South Platte Valley of Colorado including plants at Loveland, Fort Collins, Longmont and Windsor. The GW Sugar Company, at its peak, was larger than Gates Rubber! Colorado became the leader in production of sugar beets in the nation and became an enormous cash crop for Colorado farmers. F condition.

Lincoln County Agricultural and Horticultural Fair Association

  • Lincoln County, Colorado
  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1921. Fully issued certificate but with no embossed corporate seal. Lincoln County is located in East-Central Colorado. Certificate is in VF condition.

Lincoln Light and Power Company

  • Lincoln County, Colorado
  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1919.
  • Certificate is issued and dated, but lacks signatures of the officers and the corporate seal. Low certificate number (#7). Though this certificate lacks signatures, it is still a rare certificate representing an early 20th Century Eastern Colorado power company. Certificate is in EF condition.