Cripple Creek Mining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Cripple Creek Mining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Cripple Creek, Colorado was a place like no other in the state. Up to the 1890’s much of Colorado’s mining wealth came in the form of silver and the nation became dependant on its silver for coinage; Colorado produced over 50% of the total silver mined in the U.S. each year. With silver coinage in political trouble and the onset of the panic of 1893, Colorado’s great silver mines had been delivered a devastating blow. It was Cripple Creek that came to the rescue! With gold production that was at ever-increasing levels, some thought there to be an unending supply of gold and the camp grew almost faster than it could keep up with itself. New capital from the East and around the world flowed into Cripple Creek. This activity bolstered not only the Colorado economy, but undoubtedly, the entire nation. Some believe that Cripple Creek helped pull the entire nation out of the financial panic of ’93. The enormous gold production gained Cripple Creek the name of “Greatest Gold Camp on Earth”! And until the 1930’s it was. The legacy of Cripple Creek lives on today in an incredible array of collectable and historic stock certificates.

Acacia Gold Mining Company

  • Issued / Cancelled, 1898.
  • “Burns and Morning Star Mines at Cripple Creek”.
  • Certificate signed by John E. Hundley
  • Properties located on Bull Hill.
  • This company absorbed the Calumet Gold Mining and Milling Company.
  • This is a nice, often overlooked Cripple Creek certificate. This variety has a colorful gold border & seal and green print.
  • Prior to his involvement in Cripple Creek, John Hundley was the proprietor of the Antlers Hotel Livery stables in Colorado Springs and in 1889 opened a carriage road up Pikes Peak.
  • Certificate is in F condition.

Anaconda Mining Company

  • Issued / Cancelled, 1900.
  • Issued at Denver, Colorado.
  • “Principal mines at Cripple Creek, Colorado. A reorganization of the Anaconda Gold Mining Company of Colorado”.
  • Certificate signed by Adolph J. Zang
  • Properties included the Anaconda, Superior, Great View, Excelsior, Rustler, Kittie M., Ora Fino, Puffer, Grover Cleveland, Lone Star, Lone Star No. 2 and 3, Little Mack No. 3, Sarah B., Napoleon, No-Name, Ivywild, Hub, Free Milling, and Amy H. on Gold Hill..
  • Certificate is in F condition.

Anna May Gold Mining Company

  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1900.
  • Issued at Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  • Properties located on Raven Hill south of the Elkton Mine.
  • Certificate is in VF condition.

Apache Gold Mining Company

  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1896.
  • Fantastic vignette depicting Victor, Battle Mountain and the surrounding mines.
  • Properties were located just west of the town of Cripple Creek.
  • Certificate is in F condition

Banner Gold Mining Company

  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1898.
  • “Office at Colorado Springs, Colorado” stated on certificate. Claims: San Jose on Gold Hill Extension; Fountain Valley on Beacon Hill; Silver King and Vera Beymer below Mound City; Jno. R. Watts, Augustine, Bill Nye and Bonnie Jean, 52 acres, west of Mound City.
  • This is a seldom seen certificate variety of the company!
  • Certificate is in F condition with minor staining to edges in a couple places. Very presentable!