Eastern & Midwest Mining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Eastern & Midwest Mining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

While most of us think of the Western US when it comes to mining, the West’s mining lore had its roots in the regions east of the Mississippi. A wide variety of minerals and metals were mined in the East prior to the settlement of the Western Territories.

Featured below is a collection of historic mining stock certificates from Eastern and Midwestern states including Michigan, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia and more.

Adventure Consolidated Copper Co.

  • Michigan
  • Issued / Cancelled, 1899. [ABN Co.] Incorporated in Michigan. Issued at Boston. Properties were near Greenland & Maple Grove, Ontonagon County, Michigan. Properties included Old Adventure, Hilton, and Knowlton tracts.
  • Attractive vignette of two Stags.
  • Certificate is in F condition

Columbian Consolidated Copper Company

  • West Virginia
  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1899. Issued at City of New York.
  • Company was incorporated in West Virginia.
  • We believe the properties were located in West Virgnina.
  • Certificate is in F condition.

Liberty Mining Company

  • Bedford County, Virginia
  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1852.
  • Incorporated in State of Virginia.
  • Mining properties were located at Bedford Co., Virginia.
  • Certificate is in VF condition.

Quincy Mining Company

  • Michigan
  • Issued / Cancelled, 1860.
  • Mining properties located at Hancock, Michigan.
  • Transfer stub attached.
  • Certificate is in VF condition

Southern Zinc Company

  • Maryland
  • Issued / Uncancelled, 1860.
  • An early zinc mining company certificate issued at Baltimore, Maryland. Very delicate scroll work around the border with entire certificate uniquely colored green.
  • Certificate is in F condition