Oil, Gas and Refining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Oil, Gas and Refining Stock & Bond Certificate Catalogue

Featured below is a selection of collectible stock certificates from the petroleum industry. These oil, gas, and refining certificates are from many different states including Colorado, Oklahoma, Arizona, Texas, Utah, Wyoming, and others. The oil and gas industry has a rich and somewhat obscure history throughout the United States.

American Oil Company

  • Incorporated in Montana.
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1917.
  • Nice early western oil certificate.
  • Certificate is in F condition.

Apex Refining and Drilling Company

  • Colorado
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1918
  • Issued at Denver, Colorado. This is one of the most attractive and highly decorated Colorado oil stock certificates we have seen! Underprint vignette is a sketch of a refinery with railroad cars in front as well as an oil field vignette. We have only see Three of these certificates come to market and one is in our private collection. Certificate is in G condition with heavy folds & chips; review scan carefully, sold as-is. If you are looking for a certificate to adorn your wall, this certificate would be perfect for framing as the edge chinks would not be visible when matted.

Badger Oil & Gas Company

  • Arizona
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1914. Incorporated in Arizona, 1910. Attractive certificate with gold seal and trim around company name banner. Certificate is in F+ condition.

Blackwell Consolidated Oil & Gas Corp.

  • Delaware
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1920.
  • Certificates are in VF condition.

Gates Oil Company

  • Wyoming / Colorado / Utah
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1920
  • Incorporated in Wyoming with oil properties in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.
  • Certificate is in VF condition

Red Rose Oil Company

  • Arizona
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1932. Company was incorporated in Arizona.
  • WOW! Very attractive certificate with red rose vignette on the front, repeated on the back of the certificate as well, with bright gold seal. Certificate is in VF condition.