Railroadiana Catalogue

Railroadiana Catalogue

We are pleased to bring you a selection of railroad ephemera and for the rail enthusiast. Railroads in the U.S. provide us an amazing array of ephemera (railroadiana) for the collector.

Please note that all items are SOLD.

Boston & Albany Railroad

  • The N.Y. C. R. R. Co., Lessee
  • Worcester, Mass
  • Bill of Lading from Worcester, Mass., dated 1922.
  • Shipment was for the Cresson Consolidated Gold M. & M. Co. at Elkton, Colo. A nice Eastern railroad piece.
  • Item is in good+ condition…a little rough on the edges, but fully intact.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway Company

  • Burlington Route
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Freight receipt dated at Denver, 1905, issued by the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railway Company. Receipt is for shipment of “2 sax Flour…1 Box Extract” to Longmont, Colorado. The back of the receipt has a great map of the Burlington Route rail lines from Chicago, through the Mid-West, upper Mid-West and to the Rocky Mountain states of Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. receipt is in fine condition.

Cripple Creek & Colorado Springs Railroad

  • Victor Station
  • Freight Bill for shipment to the Victor Station, dated 1918. Stamped “PAID” with a C.C. & C.S.R.R., Victor, Colorado rubber stamp. Consignee was the Colorado Trading & Transfer Company. This railroad was formally known as the Colorado Springs & Cripple Creek District “Short Line” Railroad.
  • Fine condition with small hole-punch in upper-left corner.

Denver and Rio Grande Railroad Company

  • Gunnison, Colorado
  • Shipping receipt from Gunnison station, dated 1895.
  • Receipt is for the shipment of “1 Block Granite” from Gunnison to Cripple Creek. It is unclear why a block of granite would be shipped to Cripple Creek from Gunnison….if anyone has the answer, please share!
  • This is a nice early D&RG item from the town of Gunnison.
  • Receipt is in good+ condition with a rough left edge (see scan), but completely in tact.

Florence and Cripple Creek Railroad

  • Victor, Colorado
  • Agent Remittance Slip from the Victor Station of the F&CCRR, dated 1902.. The Florence & Cripple Creek RR was one of three railroads that served the Cripple Creek Mining District and was known as the “Gold Belt Line”. Fine condition with two small spindle punch holes.

Midland Terminal Railway Company

  • Bull Hill, Colorado
  • Agent’s and Conductor’s Remittance Slip from the Bull Hill Station, dated 1905. The Midland Terminal ran on the Colorado Midland route to Divide and served the Cripple Creek District with a spur from Divide. Items from the smaller towns and stations within the Cripple Creek District are often times difficult to find…this is a great example from Bull Hill! Fine condition with minor pin holes at upper-center.

Midland Terminal Railway Company

  • Victor, Colorado
  • Bill of Lading from the Victor Station, dated 1904. Received & shipped from the Rio Grande Sampling Co. for ore from the Valley City Gold Mining Company.
  • This is a great MT ephemera item! Right edge is rough from being torn from the form book at the perforations (see scan), otherwise it is in fine condition with minor pinholes at upper-center. (pins were used to hold papers together instead of staples)

Midland Terminal Railway Company &

  • Denver Zephyr
  • Victor, Colorado
  • Freight Bills from the Midland Terminal Railway Company, dated 1938. Attached is a small note from the Denver Zephyr. There are 5 freight bills attached with this note which reads: “Dad: Have Dave sign the attached R/O and make notation of refund on freight bill, and, have him send me check for the difference between the freight bills he has and the $20.00. Thanks, Leland.”
  • All of the freight bills are from the consignee, United Gold Mines Co. with “Destination” indicated as either “Portland Mine” or “Vindicator Mine”.
  • Condition on all items is fine with small rust stains from staples on the attached note.