Stock and Bond Research

Stock and Bond Research

The Denver Stock Exchange recognizes the need for individuals who hold old stock and bond certificates in their possession to sometimes research those companies in order to determine if they are either still in existence, maybe through a name change or corporate merger, and whether those shares hold any current shareholder investment value.

While most older stock and bond certificates likely hold only collectable value, some older and more recent or modern certificates may be of companies whose charter has not been forfeited, repealed, or cancelled and may hold true current shareholder value.

The Denver Stock Exchange may perform research on a company to determine where it operated, and other historical information, but we can only perform limited research to determine if a company holds any investment value. The research required to determine a company’s reorganization or merger history is sometimes arduous and difficult to trace. This is where we defer to other experts in the field.

If you hold certificates and wish to determine if they have potential shareholder value, first look closely at your certificate. If the certificate has been “Cancelled”, it has no shareholder value, is non-negotiable, and is of value only as a collectable.

Cancellations may be in many different forms on a certificate from writing across the face of the certificate, stamp-cancellations, hole-punch cancellations, to “cut-cancellations” where pieces of the certificate, usually the signatures of the officers, are physically cut away from the certificate.

Cancellation examples:

Uncancelled Certificates:

If your certificate is NOT cancelled it may or may not possess shareholder value. If you wish to have the company researched to determine if it has current shareholder value, The Denver Stock Exchange recommends to perform this research for you. Old Stock Research professional and experienced staff will research the company represented by your certificate and provide you with information regarding the status of that company.

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