Telephone and Telegraph stock and bond certificates

Telephone and Telegraph stock and bond certificates

The Telephone changed the way America did everything. One can hardly go through a single day without using their telephone at home, at work, or walking down the street with their ‘personal communicator’. First came the telegraph, with lines tracing the railroads west, followed by the telephone coming soon on its heals. Telephone ‘exchanges’, as they were known, began cropping up throughout the East and quickly moved West. The telephone network began to grow and every region or town of any significance had to have its own telephone company and exchange. Telephone lines were strung over the highest passes in the mountain regions of the west in order to reach the small mining towns.

While Telegraph and Telephone company stock and bond certificates from Eastern states are available with some regularity, the collector will seldom see certificates from Western states come available. Many of the smaller, independent telephone and telegraph companies were bought up or consolidated into larger companies, with some becoming part of American Bell, Colorado Telephone, Rocky Mountain Bell, Northwestern Bell, or another one of the famous “Bell” companies. Many of these companies were eventually merged into AT&T. Many of these independent telephone companies served local towns and rural communities, were lightly capitalized and closely held, which makes their certificates scarce and highly collectable.

The Denver Stock Exchange is pleased to offer a unique assortment of antique, collectable Western and Midwestern telegraph and telephone stock and bond certificates for your consideration. Many of these certificates have never before been seen for public sale. In this catalogue, we will showcase telephone and telegraph certificates from a number of states including Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and others.

American Telephone & Telegraph Company

  • Issued / Cancelled, dated 1952.
  • An American telecommunications icon! AT&T is arguably the most recognized name in the telecommunications business, or perhaps the entire American business world. A great number of smaller, independent telephone and telegraph companies were eventually absorbed or merged into AT&T. This is a very nice certificate whose vignette depicts a string of candlestick phone ear pieces around a globe.
  • Certificate is in F condition.

Arco Telephone Company, Ltd

  • Idaho / Minnesota
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1910. Incorporated in Idaho.
  • The Arco Telephone Company operated a local telephone exchange with 25 miles of line and 157 stations at Arco, Minnesota as well as lines in the rural area around Arco.
  • Certificate is in crisp VF condition.

Arizona Telephone and Telegraph Company

  • Tucson, Arizona
  • Issued / Cancelled, dated 1911.
  • Wonderfully vignetted certificate with multiple views of various telephone themes. This company was eventually absorbed into the Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph Company.

Big Horn Telephone Company

  • Montana
  • Issued / Uncancelled, dated 1912.
  • This Big Horn Telephone Company certificate was issued at and had their exchange at Hardin, Montana. Nice Western telecommunications certificate.
  • Certificate is in crisp F condition.